Such a braai

I believe I could fry 
if Ignis and Platen made me such a braai. 
Then my food would make hungry fiddleheads sigh.

by Stephen Thompson

[For those in Dim Q who don't know, "braai" = "grill"]

Omni makes its Dim Q debut

It's official! The academy is coming to Dimension Q. 

Not only will Dim Q adult annex classes begin in January 2018, but Aquin alum and chronicler JS Devivre has been invited to represent the academy at Baycon 2018, accompanied by returning Preceptor Hazel Briarwood who has been on sabbatical in search of the Philosopher's Stone.

The convention's theme is Patchwork Fandom: Stitching The Generations Together.
Let's get stitching!

ASA swimming its way to the academy!

Exciting news! We've been chosen as the hosting venue for the next Aspirant Squallix Alliance tourney in 2019! The games only take place every 5 years and serve as the primary scouting opportunity for amateur Squallers wishing to go pro. We're expecting great things from our academy Aquins.

Seeking 20-200 words on the element of EARTH

Attention all Terrins! We need your words and wisdom to complete the Elements of Verse compilation. Simply send in your blurb (4-40 lines, please) about Terris (earth) and see yourself published.

Dim Q's Double Daring Dozen

At long last, word of the omniverse is about to reach oh so sheltered Gaia in Dim Q. If you live in what's called the U.S.A. and are keen to share information about the academy and perhaps learn a little more yourself, read about our plenipotentiary opportunities by clicking here. You'll receive free books and other neat stuff.

Ignis Anthem

More than fui-anum sekkl after the dimension-shattering explosion of the Galactic Glacier's subzero volcano, an ice shard from the eruption found its way to Dimension Sigma. Encased in the shard was a pristinely preserved, colossal herring skin on which is etched the oldest known copy of Ignicia, the fire realm's anthem.

The spark of light will make us whole, 
To warm our hearth and fuel our soul.
The flame of life shall be our squire,
Our hearts ignite with the power of Fire.

The find has thrown omniversal academia into a celebratory tizzy and even crept into mainstream culture. Nearly every new academy recruit now begs to be assigned to the fire estate, and Ignicia tops the list of popular names for female babies across the omniverse.

But most noteworthy of all is the signature at the bottom of the fish scale parchment, putting forever to rest the debate as to who penned the classic stanza.

It was none other than interdimensional supernova performer Bradleyl Miller {pronounced Broddlayl Meeyay} who was said to have a voice so exquisite it caused the stars to weep.

The scale artifact may be viewed in the Crow's Nest by advance reservation. All viewers must submit to a thorough loofah scrubbing (both external and internal) in order to safeguard the integrity of the priceless relic.