As always, textbooks and scholastic journals may be obtained at Verses and Volumes located in the academy's Hub. Specialty publications acquirable as follows.

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For your recruitment convenience during Appraisement Days —
Paltrypedia ~ the Omni Welcome Circular 
in both digital and wood pulp versions. Never be caught without the answers you need, lest you end up in the wrong portal or on a dinner plate.

Available in Kindle and Paperback formats

Paltrypalaver ~ Vocabularium & Directorium
The last word in academy reference guides, chock-full of syllabury essential for the Dim Q fiddlehead's survival.  

Available in Kindle and Paperback formats

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Now available for the first time in this dimension!

Sheffield's Irrefutable Rules of Sqaullix 
~ Open Water Edition 

Purchase this classic tome digitally or 
in paperback on the Amazonian site
Everett Sheffield has applied squid ink to seaweed to author more than 765 scholarly publications on subjects ranging from childcare to siege warfare. Considered the preeminent living expert on the sport of Squallix, he played as Ace of the Black Dragonfish team for 29 Eyears. His high-profile rivalry with Hedrick Nees of the Goblin Sharks assured sell-out crowds at every match in which they faced off. Away from the arena, the two champions are close friends, with Sheffield serving as demi-god-father to Ness’ eldest son, Pyan. Nees has even contributed to several of Sheffield’s booklets on Squallix.

Among Sheffield’s most popular writings are the brutal Blood and Mire series, the practical Proper Care of Bumbershoots guide, the easy-to-execute Swimming for Troglodytes, and the tender Lullaby for a Giantess.

For the last 28 Eyears, Prime Minister Sheffield has acted as grand marshall at the opening day of the Squallix season.

Available for Kindle & in Paperback 

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Long thought lost, Sheffield's Alternative Athletics & Other Disportations has been unearthed and restored. It is available on the Amazonian site in both digitized and wood pulp formats.

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One of our fiddleheads is featured in a soon-to-be-released novel.  
Keep an eye or three out for Mind the Portal by Aquis alum JS Devivre.
Reeling from a series of insurgent attacks, an interdimensional academy drafts hundreds of new students into matriculation including a micromanaged fourteen-year-old boy. Desperate to break free from his father’s despotic rule and learn more about his mother’s legendary past, Pete Drake sneaks through the school’s portal only to find he is ill-equipped to navigate the complexities of his fantastical new world. He quickly realizes he must tackle each day’s innumerable unknowns and mounting dangers, along with his own fears and fence-sitting tendencies, if he is to get through the school term and uncover the truth about his parents, let alone survive.
Created to serve as preamble to the young protagonist’s coming of age saga, this first installment introduces the parlance and captivating customs of the omniverse at large. Peyton's extraordinary school experiences prepare him to face the warring force that is wending its way toward the academy, threatening those he loves. From the enthralling to the harrowing, he finds himself in locales and situations beyond his wildest imaginings with beings he thought existed only in myth, as will you.

★★★★★ JS Devivre has deftly constructed a wondrous and magical omniverse, populated by characters that will fast become friends - even the bad guys. Suitable for young teens and up - and I am waaay up - it is a classic tale told within an entirely new environment, with one particularly special guest character. I have already consumed this book thrice and with permission have passed it on to my 13 year old. This book, and the series to follow, will be enjoyed by anyone who loves Harry Potter, Garth Nix's Old Kingdom and Keys to the Kingdom series, or David Eddings Belgariad series. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. There is just one problem. I'm ready for the next book NOW.” ~Alison Manders, beta reader

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The Colours of Omni 
for those in need of colouring therapy, available in paperback only ... for obvious reasons

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Elements of Verse
Poetry compilation submitted by academy students & staff

Cooking up a Storm
Mind the Portal makes reference to more than 50 mouthwatering dishes served at Omni. 
For the first time, the Nook gnomes have agreed to share their secrets and their recipes.
Coming to Dimension Q in 2019

Living in Oblivion
Book #2 of Pete Drake's Omni Tale

Love Among the Brambles
Recaps of the popular Dim Omicron fae soap opera

Fall from Grace ~ The Road to Tohubohu ~ Sentient Non Grata ~ Rise of the Rusalka ~ Last Ride of the Ragtag Rangers
Books 3-7 of Pete Drake's Omni Tale
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