Kraken at play
     Sporting endeavors that encourage discipline, excellence, and collaboration have long been part and parcel of the omni experience. Our element domains host lively contests and matches particular to their realms. Riot gear is available to campus constables as needed.
  • IGNIS - Blasting & Blazing are the most popular activities in the fire realm. Blasting involves creating and riding the biggest volcanic explosions possible. Blazing is the whimsical art of drawing in the sky with fire -- at the highest temperature possible, naturally
  • TERRIS - Bula, a game popular throughout the realm, involves rolling hedgehogs at pins. Points are scored by knocking down the pins (eg 4 pinmates)
  • AQUIS - Squallix. Perhaps the best known interdimensional sport in Dimension Q, it is like the Gaia sport of Polo, but as it is played in water, it is played on sea horses. Pestered puffer fish are employed instead of 'balls'
  • NITRIS - Plunging is not for amateurs. The practice of high diving with the goal of getting as close to the ground as possible without making contact has seen many a family unit diminished in size. Low altitude dogfighting has also gained in popularity though it is illegal in many realms
  • ARBIS - Scamper (aka Springing) is a delightful activity involving jousting in the treetops
  • PLATEN - Drags continues to gain in popularity among the hoi polloi. These steam engine drag races have seen everything from a luxury liner to errant students dragged in their wake
  • AETHER - No one is quite sure what they do. We only know they do it well

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