Omni's Ignis, Terris, Aquis, Nitris, Arbis, and Platen estates each offer their own particular amenities to ensure fiddlehead comfort and fulfillment. The Nitris example shown below features an air hockey table and zero gravity chamber in its Familial Forum as well as kite flying on Liberalum days. Naturally, a griffin guards the galley from midnight marauders.  

     Census: The academy maintains an ongoing residence quota of 999 sentients including fiddleheads, plus scions, assistant scions, caretakers, stipes, and preceptors. It is vital that the campus maintain as close to the 999 quota as possible, give or take a tinch, for Omni to stay in balance.

      The elemental estates are divided into two fronds of eighty-three sentients for a total per element of 166 beings. Each new fiddlehead is paired with a more senior podmate. Each two-student pod shares a bathroom with another pod. That foursome makes a pin. Four pins comprise a blade, and each blade is supervised by the resident scion or one of his/her/its assistants. 

     The miscellaneous in-house staff (stipes) live in the stalk.